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This is a site about Blades of Exile (BoE) and Blades of Avernum (BoA), Role Playing Game editors by Spiderweb Software. This site contains my scenarios, custom sprite graphics for both games, a collection of links for sites about both games and other resources primarily geared towards these two games.

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ZOMG. I haven't updated the main page in over two years. ...does anyone care? Whatever. I cleaned out a bunch of useless shit; updated the Artifacts Hall; released a whole ton of 24 hour scenarios; oh yeah-- I also released Echoes: Renegade, which won a contest. And I also listed scenarios by listed beginning levels. ...woo.
The site has been revamped completely to a less offensive color scheme. I've organized my scenarios better, and added Mad Ambition, not new by any means, to the BoA Scenarios page.
Emerald Mountain, the Fourth Scenario for Blades of Avernum, has just been released. Play it at my Blades of Avernum Scenarios section!
Nebulous Times Hence has just been released. Play it at my Scenarios section!
The Claim, a Joint Project by myself and Lt. Sullust, has been released! Get it at my Scenarios Section.
I have just uploaded a few Custom Scripts. Most, when used, may make your scenario LESS interesting- use conservatively and with care.
Roses of Reckoning (BoA) has just been released. Play it at my Scenarios section!
Corporeus has just been released. Play it at my Scenarios section!
I made a Comprehensive Blades of Exile Website Listing, updated the Blades of Exile Graphics section, and found a Quality Terrain Archive lying around in the recesses of the site. If the format (ie. index listing) is unsuitable for you, then deal with it. ;)
Anyway, I've been sorta busy, so I hope you appreciate the updates.
I made a small Echoes Summary, for those of you (read as: most of you) who are a bit lost in the series.
Bandits II: Ballad of the Red Star is released!
I managed to spruce up my graphics archive, and add lots of my own graphics to it. Click Here!
Two Strands is released!
Play it now!
Not much, but I did add an Easter Egg into Echoes: Black Horse. I also have another scenario ready for release, expect that soon.
Echoes: Pawns has been released!
Echoes: Black Horse has been released!
Echoes: Assault is released!
Rock the casbah!